Design and construction of machinery for renewable energy generation.

presentacion ecoqueremosWe are a young team specialized in designing and manufacturing of production facilities related to renewable energy in general.

We specialize in Biodiesel machines of all capacities, as well as equipment for recycling of mineral oils, pyrolysis plants to recycle plastics and used tires, and Photobioreactors for algal culture. To do this we have highly qualified staff with extensive experience in this sector.

Our experience

BiodieselIn 2008, after gathering enough experience in this field and after incorporation of Industrial Technics in our staff  We started a new division of services:

  • Engineering and technical advice to producers of biodiesel and oil collection companies.
  • Design, assembly and sale of industrial production of Biodiesel. See section “Biodiesel processors”.
  • Import and distribution of raw materials for Biodiesel (Oils, Oleins, additives, etc …)
  • Design and development of:
  • Recycling plants mineral oils and used engine oils.
  • Pyrolysis plants in order to convert plastics, mineral oil and tires used in fuel oil and diesel.
  • Photobioreactor for culturing microalgae to obtain biofuels.

Video interview on Spanish Public TV Channel TVE2 about Ecoqueremos social integration, consisting of the collection of used vegetable oils for further processing into biodiesel using one of our machines: Pro2000.

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